Why Am I Here?

Well, it has finally happened.  I have never been known as someone without something to say about almost everything, and especially about libraries and higher education. I don’t have fewer ideas or opinions than I have in the past, but I do have less time (more on that in a later post). There are so many excellent librarian blogs out there like the one my friend Veronica Arellano Douglas writes.  I kept wondering whether my voice can keep up with the challenging, inspiring, and exciting writing going on. But I kept jotting down ideas and titles.

I have been a librarian for 25 years and a library administrator for 15 of those 25. I spent my career in small public liberal arts college libraries first in Maryland and now in New Hampshire. I have done a lot of instruction, participated in a large consortium, became involved in open education initiatives, and now also have responsibility for several curriculum units (more on that later, too).  I owe this blog to two colleagues I admire and am privileged to work with on all things open education. Jenny Darrow is not your mother’s academic technologist. And Karen Cangialosi is one of the fiercest advocates for access and equity in higher ed I know besides being up close and personal with a wide variety of spiders.

I’m looking forward to some regular writing and to the conversations that follow.

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